Become an Official Community Partner

Deepen engagement in the community in ways that fulfill your organization’s objectives and empowers your team to be purposeful leaders who can advocate for all students to learn and lead. Below are just a few ways your group can engage. We will customize a partnership plan based on your unique objectives and desired level of impact within our school communities. Contact us to learn more.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Streamlined Access to Schools: Working through United to Learn ensures a more coordinated relationship with schools that is strategic and impactful.
  • Customized Partnership Plan: United to Learn will tailor an engagement plan that meets your team’s engagement objectives while improving school outcomes.
  • Metrics Tracking: In line with your partner school’s Campus Improvement Plan, United to Learn will track metrics of student achievement and school climate to show you the return on your investment as you walk alongside your partner campus.

Become a Community Partner

Partner Impact

  • Meaningful Team Engagement: Your team bonds and builds morale while
    making a difference
  • Equity Advancement: Your partnership helps close the opportunity gap for our students, 90% of whom are of color
  • Accelerated Student Achievement: United to Learn schools have shown a +13 point gain in literacy achievement
  • Workforce Development Starts Early: Stronger local students = stronger local work force

As a values-driven firm, Civitas’ purpose is to create opportunities that enrich—enrich not only our investors, but also the communities in which we live and work. Partnering with United to Learn at Foster Elementary has been an effective way for our team to make a meaningful and measurable difference in our local schools.

– Dan Healy, CEO, Civitas Capital Group

To talk about how we can tailor an engagement plan that meets your team’s objectives, contact our chief advancement officer, Megan Hughet,