Aspiring Teachers

The U2L Aspiring Teachers program places tutors in Dallas ISD elementary schools. Employing education majors at higher education institutions and students enrolled in the Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools (P-TECH) as tutors helps create positive outcomes for all involved. Aspiring future teachers gain skills, knowledge,  and classroom experience while supporting student achievement and expanding teacher capacity in elementary schools.

U2L Book Bash

A United to Learn Book Bash is a literacy initiative that provides each student with a new book and builds excitement around reading. Volunteers play a key role, transforming spaces into captivating themes like jungles or winter wonderlands and helping students find a book. 

Event Features:

  • Book Selection: A diverse array of multicultural books is available for every student to find a story that resonates with them, making reading a personal and exciting adventure.
  • Celebratory Atmosphere: With music, decorations, and snacks, each Book Bash is a festive day that celebrates the joy of reading in a fun and engaging way.

Our Aim: Each Book Bash is a joyful experience that provides students with books and strengthens community bonds. Research suggests that a student needs at least 80 books in their home library to see significant gains in literacy achievement. Our Book Bash is an opportunity to enrich at-home libraries and support a culture of reading.

Want to be a part of the story? Sign up to volunteer at a Book Bash.

Building Educator Capacity

United to Learn increases teacher capacity by providing research and evidence-based professional development on best practices in literacy instruction to educators at all levels of knowledge.

Providing Meaningful Resources

United to Learn will provide the necessary literacy resources needed for building and strengthening reading skills through tangible experiences and learning experiences. Partner campuses are able to request targeted literacy resources that build on and strengthen literacy skills. Literacy resources include books as part of book exchange programs.

Regaining Unfinished Learning

U2L SCHOOLS have steadily experienced gains surpassing
pre-pandemic achievement levels.

Third Grade Reading STAAR Results

Third Grade STAAR reading results graph

Narrowing Gaps in Student Outcomes

As literacy rates climbed over the last year, we were also pleased to see a narrowing in outcomes for students of color relative to their white peers. From 2021 to 2022, STAAR results for Black and Hispanic students reflected a NARROWING OF 12 AND 4 PERCENTAGE POINTS, respectively, in comparison to their white peers.

Furthermore, through 2022, U2L schools outpace the State with NARROWER GAPS IN OUTCOMES FOR STUDENTS LIVING IN POVERTY AND EMERGING BILINGUAL LEARNERS by 9 and 13 percentage points, respectively.

In 2023, U2L SCHOOLS continued to show narrowed gaps in outcomes
for students of color.

Third Grade Reading STAAR Results 

Our steadily rising scores in literacy achievement are a direct reflection of United to Learn’s collaborative investment.

–Sonia Loskot, Dallas ISD Executive Director

To learn more about how we accelerate student literacy achievement, contact our Director of Literacy,  Marisol Rodriguez, [email protected].