Accelerating Student Achievement

United to Learn supports accelerating student learning by providing targeted student support administered by trained student interventionists.

Our tutoring initiatives accelerate literacy achievement by fostering a love for reading while building lifelong skills for continual learning. Through 1:1 and small group sessions, tutors guide young learners through a structured curriculum that can be delivered either in person or through a digital platform. This tailored approach and delivery allow for customization when addressing the needs and challenges of each student.

Building Educator Capacity

United to Learn increases teacher capacity by providing research and evidence-based professional development on best practices in literacy instruction to educators at all levels of knowledge.

Learning Launch

Through programs such as Learning Launch, United to Learn provides the necessary resources needed for building and strengthening literacy skills by providing rigorous materials and learning experiences. Resources include books, literacy centers, and subscriptions to reading

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Providing Meaningful Resources

United to Learn will provide the necessary literacy resources needed for building and strengthening reading skills through tangible experiences and learning experiences. Partner campuses are able to request targeted literacy resources that build on and strengthen literacy skills. Literacy resources include books as part of book exchange programs. United to Learn also hosts Learning Launch each year, an annual initiative that ensures our teachers have the supplies and resources their classes need to succeed.

Regaining Unfinished Learning

We saw that with the right tools and resources, our 50 U2L schools were able to ACCELERATE LEARNING, RETURNING TO PRE-PANDEMIC LEVELS of achievement at the same time that we doubled our footprint across the city.

Third Grade Reading STAAR Results

Narrowing Gaps in Student Outcomes

As literacy rates climbed over the last year, we were also pleased to see a narrowing in outcomes for students of color relative to their white peers. From 2021 to 2022, STAAR results for Black and Hispanic students reflected a NARROWING OF 12 AND 4 PERCENTAGE POINTS, respectively, in comparison to their white peers.

Furthermore, through 2022, U2L schools outpace the State with NARROWER GAPS IN OUTCOMES FOR STUDENTS LIVING IN POVERTY AND EMERGING BILINGUAL LEARNERS by 9 and 13 percentage points, respectively.

Third Grade Reading STAAR Results 

Our steadily rising scores in literacy achievement are a direct reflection of United to Learn’s collaborative investment.

–Sonia Loskot, Dallas ISD Executive Director

To learn more about how we accelerate student literacy achievement, contact our Director of Literacy,  Marisol Rodriguez,