Our Approach

United to Learn serves as the bridge between the public and private sectors. Fueled by investors and volunteers, we offer tailored, research-driven solutions that best support the needs of our U2L Schools. Our wrap-around model involves an intricate partnership of educational expertise, community organizations, individual volunteers, schools, and businesses that work together in a collaborative approach.

Whether we are providing a U2L School with social and emotional support, training teachers on literacy instruction, or refreshing hallways with joyful murals, we work closely with school staff to meet every student where they are and ensure every solution is a contributing driver in accelerating student achievement.

Our Four Pillars

These are the four main avenues by which we operate and affect real change in our U2L Schools.

Social and Emotional Health

A child needs to feel calm and safe to learn

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Learning Environments

A child needs to be inspired to learn

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Literacy Achievement

A child needs to read to thrive

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Community Activation

A child needs to know others to care

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Our Work In Action

Sounds like home

U2L is different from our other partners because they really listen. They care about what is happening on our campus, and together we act as thought partners, solving challenges and witnessing fulfilling results.

– Principal Barrios, Executive Director, Dallas ISD

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United to Learn is unique because of their dual focus on growing student achievement AND purposeful leaders. They listen first to the needs of the schools and then curate support to fill the gaps. The U2L network is a true force for good.

– Miguel Solis, Commit Partnership