Sunny And Warmer Days Are Up Ahead For United To Learn’s 2022 Community Campus Days

Thank you Jeanne Prejean of the My Sweet Charity, for publishing this article about us!

Excerpt from My Sweet Charity

With Winter Storm Landon having settled into North Texas, United To Learn is looking ahead to friendly conditions for its Community Campus Day. As a matter of fact, there will be five of them, all on Saturdays (February 26, March 5, April 2, April 9 and April 23). From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., community volunteers from companies, schools and other organizations will help to improve campus cultures.

This year’s Community Campus Day is more important than ever. The past two years of battling COVID have had a dramatic impact on students and educators. From virtual learning to returning to classrooms with mask restrictions and social distancing, youngster and teachers haven’t had much of anything that seems normal. This situation has really hit some schools harder than others.

As United To Learn President Carol Goglia explained, “United To Learn knows that resources in historically underfunded schools are stretched thin. One way United To Learn helps close opportunity gaps is by improving learning environments through Community Campus Day. Research shows that joyful, enriched learning environments can increase productivity and engagement by 15% and more.”

The plan calls for everything from planting gardens, painting murals and refreshing teachers’ lounges to stenciling playground games at 45+ improvement projects in United To Learn elementary schools. The efforts will provide better environments for 26,100 students and 2,100 educators.

In addition to having James Walton chair the 2022 program, they’re presently in need of sponsorships before the “Volunteer Main Sign Up Hub” goes live. So, if you know an organization or individual that would like to get things improving, check out the sponsorship opportunities here.