Rogers Elementary Capitalizes on Reading Incentive Program

Rogers Elementary Capitalizes on Reading Incentive Program

The Challenge

Dan D. Rogers Elementary is one of DISD’s most culturally diverse elementary schools with students who speak twenty-one different languages. With English Language Learners (ELL) comprising over 65% of the student body, improving literacy for all to learn and thrive presents unique challenges.

The Effort

Rogers school leadership secured a $2,975 Back to School Grant from United to Learn to fund, develop and implement a reading incentive program called “Roger Reads” to improve students’ reading skills, especially for the students who reside in non-English-speaking homes. Roger Reads set their ‘total minutes read’ goal, tracked their weekly progress, and received rewards for reaching those goals.

The Effect

Providing resources to Rogers Elementary for a reading incentive program improved reading outcomes for over 490 Pre-K through fifth-grade students, which led to increase in ISIP scores. Students at Rogers Elementary are demonstrating personal goal setting, self-management and accountability as a result of this program. For more information regarding Rogers Elementary or the Roger Reads Reading Incentive Program, please contact Amy Coates at