Serena was my dear and trusted friend, a most thoughtful advisor. I cannot imagine anything more inspiring, more fitting, than holding up Serena’s example of compassionate advocacy across our organization, most especially as we seek to understand the greatest needs among our U2L schools.

–Abigail Williams, Founder & CEO, United to Learn

Become a U2L Liaison!

U2L Liaison volunteers serve as the heart of the United to Learn model. As the primary relationship manager between United to Learn and a Dallas ISD elementary campus partner, these volunteers develop strong relationships with campus leadership. Through their close and consistent communication with campus representatives, they come to appreciate the acute needs of their campus, facilitate meaningful partnerships with businesses and community members, leverage the resources secured by United to Learn network, and advocate for their campus to the larger community.

Partner with a U2L School to support teachers, impact campus culture, and help students reach their academic goals!

Liaisons in action

From monthly meetings with principals to leading campus improvement projects, United to Learn liaisons are trusted thought partners and enthusiastic supporters for their schools.

Liaisons 2022-2023

Cynammon Burns Allen

MLK Jr. Arts Academy

Meg Arnold

Dan D. Rogers

Tyler Battaglia

Julian T. Saldivar

Flauren Bender

Harry C. Withers

Lindsey Beran

Anne Frank

Angela Buchen

Jill Stone

Annika Cail

Sudie L. Williams TAG

Sheryl Collins

Harrell Budd

Renza Diaz

Stephen C. Foster, George W. Truett

Patricia DiFrancesco

Wilmer Hutchins

Mary Beth Duffy

Tom C. Gooch

Wendy Faems

Arlington Park Early Childhood Center

Sarahi Figueroa

Cesar Chavez Learning Center

Vanessa Fuquay

John Neely Bryan, L.L. Hotchkiss

Shannon Gilliland

Charles Rice Learning Center

Lene Godat

Lee A. McShan Jr.

Carol Pierce Goglia

F.P. Caillet

Belinda Green

Frederick Douglass

Margaret Hirsch

Harry C. Withers

Lisa Hurst

David G. Burnet

Kaileigh Johnson

John J. Pershing

Katie Johnson

George H. W. Bush

Norita Jones

Nancy J. Cochran

Amee Joshi

Tom C. Gooch

Ashlee Kleinert

John J. Pershing

Carissa Levingston

Anne Frank

Christine Lipschitz

Highland Meadows

Mary Louise Ludt

Obadiah Knight, Jill Stone

Joyce Mace

J.P. Starks Math, Science, and Technology Vanguard

Anne Mann

Elisha M. Pease

Elizabeth McHugh

Dan D. Rogers

Jessica Monsivais

Jose “Joe” May

Leigh Morales

Joseph J. Rhoads Early Childhood Center

Winifred Mundinger

Jerry R. Junkins

Pam Nicholson

N.W. Harllee Early Childhood Center

Namratha Niranjan

H.S. Thompson

Kelley Parel

Jose “Joe” May

Alexia Piquet

Rufus C. Burleson

Linda Pong

Preston Hollow

Kaitlin Prieur


D’Ann Riemer

Cedar Crest, Everette L. DeGolyer

Loren Rutledge

William B. Miller

Emanuel Salinas

Jack Lowe/Sam Tasby

Brinkley Schneider

Marcus Leadership Academy

Lisa Stewart

Charles Rice Learning Center

Jody Swartzwelder

Leonides G. Cigarroa

Katherine Tagtmeier

Paul L. Dunbar, Arthur Kramer

Cally Taylor

Nathan Adams

William Taylor

Nathan Adams

Meg Temple

Oran M. Roberts

Dawne Tribolet

Walnut Hill

Mary Beth Weatherford

F.P. Caillet

Alyssa Wheeler

MLK Junior Arts Academy

Laura Whitley

Charles Rice Learning Center

Debbie Wiggans

Preston Hollow

Abigail Williams

David G. Burnet

Emily Wilson

Chapel Hill

Angela Winterle

Jerry Junkins

I hope that you truly realize how remarkable and unique United to Learn is as an organization and the difference that you all are making in the lives of students all over Dallas. Having worked in three different urban environments in education (Cincinnati and Chicago), I have never seen an organization like U2L that partners and supports public education like family. We are blessed to have you and U2L!

– Former Principal Phillip Potter, Walnut Hill Elementary

For questions about becoming a U2L Liaison, contact our Liaison Manager, Dejanay Tippens,