United to Lead Fellowship

Our signature youth leadership program attracts students from private and public high schools who are interested in exploring issues related to educational equity. Through design thinking projects, participants are able to envision solutions for the urgent needs of our city’s schools.

Teen Board

Student leaders from our high school network have the opportunity to develop leadership and advocacy skills while exploring systemic education issues. Teen Board members engage their schools in finding new pathways for impact.

1:1 Tutoring

Through 1:1 sessions, high school tutors guide young learners through structured curriculum that can be delivered either in person or through a digital platform. This tailored approach and delivery allows for customization when addressing the needs and challenges of each student.

Opportunity Gap Immersion

Each summer, United to Learn presents a 3-day or week-long session to dive into the issues that shape Dallas: hunger, literacy, homelessness, environment and immigration.

Thrive Workshop

In this one-day workshop, students learn how to create a meaningful and balanced high school or college experience by discovering their individual strengths, interests, and purpose.

Summer Camp Leadership

High school and college students can put their leadership into action as interns for a free day camp at Holy Cross Lutheran. Counselors work with small groups to participate in weekly themed activities or run daily literacy sessions to increase reading proficiency. Session directors have the opportunity to create and lead session activities for two 40-minute sessions per day based on a theme.

United to Lead Video Series

United to Lead high school students are supporting remote learning during the COVID-19 crisis through a video series designed to make distance learning less distant.

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United to Lead Impact


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United to Lead gave me the chance to connect with other Dallas high schoolers interested in supporting younger students. I learned so much about the resources needed across Dallas and now feel better equipped to offer what’s needed.

– Sydney Ghorayeb

To learn more about United to Lead high school engagement, contact our director of community activation, Sarah Burr, sburr@unitedtolearn.org.