Get teachers the supplies they REALLY need!

Each school year, Dallas ISD teachers spend an average of $600 out of their own pockets to supplement classroom supplies. To fill this resource gap, we host Learning Launch, an annual initiative that ensures our teachers have the supplies and resources their classes need to succeed. Learning Launch provides supplies to each of our 50 campuses.

Your donation could help provide...

STEAM lab and makerspace equipment to build 21st century skills

Leveled library to meet every learner’s needs

Care closet to provide uniforms and hygiene to meet student needs

Cozy reading nooks and rugs for circle time

Storytime books and novels to engage young learners

Sensory building sets to develop fine motor skills

Literacy toolkits to guide small group lessons

Mindfulness baskets to help students regulate emotions

Classroom set of pencils and notebooks for every student


Donations of $500+ include tickets to the Back to School Learning Launch Fiesta!

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Thank you to Learning Launch ’22 Chairs and Host Committee!

Lindsay Billingsley
Margaret Hirsch
Jenny Staubach
Sarah Weinberg
Dawn Zierk

Host Committee

Katie Aisner

Lena Alley

Jacquelin Sewell Atkinson

Carrie Becker

Flauren Bender

Lindsey Beran

Jessica Bolander

Jordan Brainerd

Rebecca Bruder

Nita Clark

Julie Clark

Julie Connelly

Jenney Gillikin

Dee Dee Hoak

Catalina Gonzalez Jorba

Jennifer Karol

Liz Kelly

Hallie Lamont

Maya Leibman

Kirsten LeMaster

Sharon Lyle

Louise Marsh

Libby McCabe

Maggie Moran

Mallory Muse

Elizabeth Phillips

Elizabeth Pollock

Karen Pollock

Lisa Rocchio

Ashley Ruggeri

Katie Flowers Samler

Cheryl Schoellkopf

Amanda Shufeldt

Mimi Slater

Cameron Smith

Ellis Thomas

Jill Tiernan

Gwendolyn Turcotte

Merry Vose

Michelle Wood

Eva Yazhari

Sharon Young

Thank you to Atmos Energy for returning as Presenting Sponsor of Learning Launch 2022!

Learning Launch has supported us with many invaluable learning resources for our students and teachers. United to Learn has been an uplifting and extremely supportive ally that has re-energized the entire building.

Principal Sandra Barrios/Jack Lowe Elementary

To learn more about learning Launch, contact the Advancement Team,