Ways to Connect, Engage, and Grow

By Lindsay Billingsley, LAB Strategies

Over the last few weeks, I had the honor of participating in a number of impactful conversations about public education in our City. I hosted The Real Estate Council for a conversation with DISD’s new superintendent Stephanie S. Elizalde; DISD Trustee, Ben Mackey; and Commit Partnership Founder and CEO, Todd Williams; to discuss the issues facing the state’s second largest school district and their priorities over the next few years.

I also teamed up with United to Learn to co-chair their 3rd Annual Learning Launch Fiesta. This record-breaking event netted over $325,000 to provide 50 DISD Elementary Schools with custom supplies and resources to start the year off right.

Most exciting for me was serving as Principal for the Day at Solar Preparatory School for Girls. The 700+ students in this DISD Choice School give me hope for the future! I can honestly say that Solar Prep is living out their mission to be an inclusive school community empowering girls to live and lead with confidence and purpose.

I always feel energized being in the presence of others — to be able to meet like-minded people and find connections that are worth nurturing for years to come. It’s amazing how, despite the distance and seeming divide brought about by current events, there are still endless possibilities for us to find common ground. That is why we are putting together our newsletter; to be an avenue to help you find opportunities and causes that you believe in.

Hopefully, you will find something that resonates and will dig in to learn more.

All the best,