United to Learn Nonprofit to Host Volunteer Weekends to Support Schools

By Ty Cederstrom, The Dallas Express

United to Learn, a nonprofit, announced they will be completing five weekends of projects in Dallas schools to create a more “joyful” learning environment.

The Oak Cliff Advocate reports that United to Learn (U2L) will be working from February 26 to April 23rd, volunteering at three elementary schools around Oak Cliff. Nancy J. Cochran Elementary, Elisha M. Pease Elementary, and John Neely Bryan Elementary will be visited by U2L volunteers, who will complete over 45 improvements to the schools.

“From planting gardens to painting murals to stenciling playground games to refreshing teacher’s lounges, we will revitalize Dallas ISD campuses across the city,” the U2L website states.

U2L is a Dallas education nonprofit that aims to accelerate learning and create equal opportunities for students. A total of twenty-seven different schools, under the support of U2L, had raised their literacy levels by 39% in five years before the pandemic. U2L has provided resources throughout the pandemic to keep children in school and on track.

One achievement for the program was the virtual integration of their “Tech Truck.” According to an impact report, U2L values the importance of experimental learning, which helps elevate math and science programs for children. When Dallas schools were forced to switch to virtual learning, the “Tech Truck” held virtual experiment sessions and sent children home with activities to do.

At Joe May Elementary in Dallas, teacher Juan Bazán shared, “My students were engaged the whole time and later shared their experiences with peer groups, in the summer,” she said. “I recruited students for three virtual classrooms.”

People can donate to the United to Learn program through their donation link. Above all, U2L says the organization is looking for volunteers, even if they are only helping for one day. They believe volunteer contributions help improve schools across Dallas.

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