Mariah Mathews

Program Coordinator


As Program Coordinator, Mariah Mathews supports the implementation and effectiveness of programs delivered across our partner schools. Mariah works closely within our Literacy pillar.

Mariah Mathews is a program coordinator at United to Learn. Prior to joining U2L, Mariah worked as an educator for four years, three as a sixth-grade science teacher, and one as a sixth-grade science & health teacher. While teaching, she held very active leadership roles as the head of the science department, Teaching Trust leadership team, and as a site-based decision committee member. Before becoming a certified teacher, Mariah was a teacher assistant for six years, a child caregiver, and worked for Upward Bound. 

A few of Mariah’s hobbies include trying not to buy sneakers, binge-watching TV shows, and spending quality time with the people she loves the most. On weekends you can catch Mariah watching new movies, playing with her dogs, and getting some fresh air.


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