Dystanie Douglas-Burger

Program Manager

Email: ddouglasburger@unitedtolearn.org

Dystanie Douglas-Burger holds undergraduate degrees in Mass Communications Multimedia Technology and Secondary Education from Abilene Christian University, a master’s degree in Professional School Counseling from Texas Wesleyan University, and is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Capella University. She is a Fort Worth native and a proud product of the public school system. Working in public education in various capacities for eight years, Dystanie is passionate about the work of being a social justice advocate and leader for people of color in education.

Education is important to Dystanie because she believes that, “education provides an opportunity for the voiceless.” According to Dystanie, “your mind is the one thing that no one can ever take away from you. Education provides knowledge. Knowledge is power, and power is the voice that everyone can hear.” A fun fact about Dystanie is that she is a first-generation college graduate, and upon completion of the Ph.D. that she is currently pursuing, she will be the first Dr. in her family on both sides.

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