Stronger together

Please enjoy this excerpt from the FY22 Impact Report.

“The AP Collaborative validated my efforts and proved to me that I am not in this alone. With the support and encouragement of the team, we can push through to sucess.”

Ms. Miosha McCann

Withers Elementary

Leadership can be lonely at times, especially for new leaders. Assistant principals, who are critical to a school’s overall success, often face a challenging middle ground. They were drawn to the profession by a love of teaching, yet hold many administrative responsibilities that push them to focus their attention and energy on managing a hectic and changing schedule, assessing the performance of others, and effectively managing up. Assistant principals often find themselves unsure of where to turn to in times of stress, anxiety, or uncertainty.

United to Learn answered the call for togetherness and created the U2L AP Collaborative, an opportunity for collaboration and leadership development throughout the year. The goal of the collaborative was for APs to connect in meaningful ways while engaging in content designed to help them hone their skills as managers.

This first year consisted of three sessions: Managing Yourself, Managing Others, and Managing Up. And by request, we added a fourth bonus: Tackling Educator Burnout when it was needed most in March.

Leaders engaged with research-based practices for keeping their motivation, focus, and resilience high during challenging times and learned strategies to most effectively lead others and “manage up” in order to ensure campus cohesion and success. Each session culminated with time to action plan, where APs could translate learnings into tangible outcomes.