MySweetWishList: United To Learn

By Jeanne Prejean, My Sweet Charity

According to United To Learn‘s Cigarroa Elementary Liaison Jody Swartzwelder,

“As we head into the holidays, United to Learn (U2L) is putting teachers on the top of the holiday list for receiving extra love and appreciation! And we would love your help to ensure each of our teachers know how grateful we are for their dedication and hard work!

“As a U2L Liaison for Cigarroa Elementary, I serve as a support partner for the school and I see first-hand how much teachers need an extra boost around the holidays. Whenever I am at Cigarroa, delivering supplies or breakfast or walking through the halls with a care cart, teachers come up to me and tell me how much small acts of kindness make their day. Our greatest assets in education are our teachers. It’s our turn to show them how much we care.

“At United to Learn, we believe our city’s collective potential lives within our youngest learners. Our goal is to accelerate student achievement across 50 Dallas ISD elementary schools, 2,100 educators, and 25,000 students. We do this by engaging the community through partnerships with businesses, high schools, faith-based organizations, and engaged individuals and groups, working together to create a united, thriving community.

“United to Learn aims to support our educators in a variety of ways, including showering them with appreciation, providing needed training, and helping them with supplies and classroom tools. This holiday season, we are showing school leaders how much we love them by providing meal deliveries straight to their homes to feed their whole families. In addition, we are hosting staff appreciation meals on campus, “care carts,” SEL calming sessions, and more.

“Join us this holiday, to show our teachers how much we love them and care for them by donating to United to Learn for our teacher appreciation meals to make sure all educators across Dallas feel the love this holiday. Donate at:”

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