Mindset Minute: How to create a good learning environment for your kids

Excerpt from WFAA

DALLAS — We spend so much time focusing on WHAT children learn, and not enough on WHERE.

Whether it’s a classroom, bedroom or playroom – kids need just enough stimulation.

When you’re still LEARNING to self-regulate and pay attention, too much decoration can become a distraction. And it’s that much harder on kids who’ve been neglected or have learning disabilities.

So, clear out the clutter, and surround them with the kind of images that can help. You can start with their own work. You put their writing sample or artwork on the wall, it makes it easier to remember the material – and makes them feel more invested in their learning.

Role models can help too. An image or quote from a real hero can inspire children. And if that person represents their own background, even better. It can give them a real sense of belonging.

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