Leading together

Please enjoy this excerpt from the FY22 Impact Report.

“Through U2L Teen Board, I gained new perspective and awareness. United to Learn taught me to step up and become an advocate. As I move on to college, my goal in life is to help others. This is a step in that direction.”

David Perlman

Teen Board Co-Chair
Parish Episcopal School

True systemic change in education starts with building advocates who have a deep understanding of the need. Who better to chart the path to the future than the high school student leaders of today? Likewise, teenagers themselves, are searching for ways to volunteer, expand their horizons, and experience new opportunities.

Since its founding, United to Learn has created a mutually beneficial relationships between local high schools and elementary campuses. Teens lend time, in turn, our U2L Schools receive support.

U2L Teen Corps, run by our Community Activation team, has a mission to develop teens into leaders, providing a variety of volunteer opportunities. From painting hallways to organizing supply closets, to being summer camp counselors, teens witness needs within schools, students actively participate in creating solutions and they also grow in leadership.

With demonstrated commitment they can apply to U2L Teen Fellows and explore issues related to educational equity. Through monthly meetings and design thinking projects, participants are able to envision solutions for the urgent needs of our city’s schools, like creating a summer camp to combat learning loss.

Once they complete the Fellows year, U2L Teen Board is the highest level of involvement. Teens apply to become empowered as leaders to advance student achievement and support U2L Schools by organizing campus improvement projects, supply drives, and individual impact
projects like 5K runs and bilingual toolkits for second graders!