Liaison Directory

Use this list to find and contact your fellow liaisons.


Reporting & Reimbursement Form

Use this form to help us track events, activities, and campus needs throughout the year, as well as request reimbursement.


Tax ID Form

United to Learn is eligible for tax exemption. Please use this form for proof of exemption.

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Liaison Best Practices

Use this to learn some tips and tricks on how to build better relationships with your campus.

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U2L School Profiles

This pdf is used to find information about your school. To find your school's page, type CTRL F on your keyboard, then type the name of your school.

School Info

Year at a Glance Calendar

This document is a great overview to understand the sequencing of our events throughout the year.


Program Summary

A helpful summary of the initiatives within each of U2L’s programming pillars.


Campus Request Form

Request additional support from U2L.


U2L Volunteer Manual

Use this for information to learn more about how to be a volunteer with U2L and to have a better experience working with us.


Campus Monthly Emails

In case you or your school leader has missed important information about U2L programs, our monthly emails to campuses can be found using this link.

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The Weekly Scoop

In case you missed this newsletter, you can refer back to our previous issues here.

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U2L Schools Map

Use this for more information about the locations of our U2L Schools.