Fulfilling Student Promise

You will ensure that all third graders are reading on grade level, year after year:

  • Enhance educator capacity with instructional materials, targeted training, and wellness support.
  • Train Aspiring Teachers, who are tutoring students today and leading a classroom tomorrow.
  • Create thriving campus spaces that inspire young minds.

Expanding Equitable Opportunity

You will close opportunity gaps for all children in Dallas:

  • Expand U2L district-wide across all Dallas ISD Title I elementary schools.
  • Use an equitable lens toward investments that serve students, teachers, and school communities.
  • Ensure curated materials and offerings meet every student where they are.

Igniting Our Future Workforce

You will prepare children for new careers and long-term success:

  • Cultivate impactful 1:1 corporate partnerships with schools and businesses.
  • Expose students to experiential learning and career aspiration.
  • Foster 21st-century skills for students and tutors to discover their dreams.

Your investment fuels our shared vision of student potential to drive the future of Dallas.

Abigail Williams
Chief Executive Officer
United to Learn