Mother and Daughter from Anne Frank Elementary

From Uncertainty to Community

“I felt like my daughter and I were here alone. I did not know where to turn for support. I let my principal know and right after that, United to Learn contacted me and has been a reliable resource ever since.”                           

Last August, Shevon – a hard-working single mother from Grenada – moved to Dallas with the sole purpose of changing her family’s destiny forever. In addition to adjusting to her new life in Dallas, juggling being a mother to an energetic first-grade student, and working a part-time job, Shevon was pursuing a PhD in Chemistry from The University of Texas at Dallas.

Sadly, as a direct result of COVID-19, Shevon is among the millions of Texans who lost their employment due to the magnitude of the continually-evolving global pandemic. Losing her primary income and lacking transportation, Shevon grew deeply concerned about how she would continue feeding her daughter and providing tools to continue learning at home. Uncertain of what to do, Shevon reached out to the only support system she had in Dallas – her daughter’s school, Anne Frank Elementary.

Upon learning about Shevon’s urgent needs, United to Learn worked immediately to fill all barriers that hinder student learning. From delivering meals and Social and Emotional Learning practices three times a week, providing on-going transportation assistance to and from district-wide food distribution sites, and supplying multiple gift cards for food and other household essentials, United to Learn has remained a consistent support system to Shevon’s family.

Anne Frank educators and staff recognize the impact United to Learn is having on their families during this frightening period. “So many parents were apprehensive to ask for help, but being able to offer this to them was meaningful and necessary,” Anne Frank’s Community Liaison shared. “Their lives were turned upside down, but the weekly food outreaches and gift cards that United to Learn provides are a lifeline!”

Through your generosity, the United to Learn team has helped Shevon and her daughter navigate this new reality and build a greater sense of community during these unstable times. Shevon’s repeated gratitude, coupled with her daughter’s infectious smile at each delivery, affirms how much our work is making a difference. According to Shevon, “The saying, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed,’ best describes United to Learn. That’s what you all have been to us.”