Cultivating Resilience with TK Education Consulting

On Tuesday, March 2, over 80 representative from our Dallas ISD and community partners came together to learn from Theresa Khirallah-Jackson and Whitney Hurwitz of  TK Education Consulting, as part of our Spring Partner Workshop.  The session included useful tools to unpack the events of the last year as well as actionable steps to fill our tanks, build real capacity within ourselves and support team members to do the same.

Very positive survey results suggested Cultivating Resilience was “exactly what we needed at this moment” giving principals “time to reflect and build themselves to support their teams” with “meaningful and purposeful content.”

Here are some quotes from meeting attendees, noting their favorite aspect of the program:

  • “Today’s session is one of the most meaningful training I have had this year. I was in tears in a break out session because it had such an impact to reflect and think about my family first. PLEASE DO MORE OF THIS!”
  • “Listening to the ideas, thoughts, and feelings of others. It is nice to know some of us share the same feelings and struggles and share how to make ourselves feel better and loved.”
  • “The opportunity to share with those who understand because they lead in the same capacity.”
  • “Opportunity to hear that it is ok to not be ok :)”
  • “Understanding what I can let go of to cultivate healthy qualities to support my resiliency. Additionally, being able to reflect with U2L staff and other school leaders on ways to encourage and foster this resiliency in others!”

We would like to thank Theresa Khirallah-Jackson and Whitney Hurwitz of TK Education Consulting for their content, pacing, style, and their ability to truly create togetherness in a remote world.