United to Learn is a Recipient of the Ann R. Cox Award for Innovation in Education

United to Learn was honored to be named a recipient of the Anne R. Cox Award for Innovation in Education given by the Alcuin School at the Annual Scholarship Luncheon on Wednesday.

According to Walter Sorenson, Alcuin Head of School, “Alcuin admires U2L’s focus on student literacy as well as their great celebration of diversity which aligns with Alcuin’s focus. Wow! Look at the great synergy between what U2L is doing and what we need in this city.”

Mr. Sorenson adds, “United to Learn’s work towards addressing systemic inequities in a deep, resonant way is big work! It’s what we need to do today in society. Alcuin is focused on developing empathetic beings and this is exactly what U2L is doing. U2L’s work building empathetic leaders aligns with Alcuin’s mission and goals as well.”

Berry Cox, the son of Anne Cox, was instrumental in the award selection. He said, “The thing that’s impressive about United to Learn is that regardless of the school or the student they figure out a way to help them recognize their potential and achieve their goals. Being able to accomplish this in 50 schools with thousands of students is amazing. One of many reasons why we felt they were very deserving of this award.”

United to Learn is grateful to the Cox Family and Alcuin School.