2022 Crystal Charity Ball Beneficiaries And Advisory Board Were “In Kline” For A Cool Get-Together

by Jeanne Prejean, My Sweet Charity

There are just sometimes when North Texas takes on the feel of summertime in New Orleans. On the evening of Thursday, April 21, that was the steamy case, as the combination of 80-ish degrees and tropical humidity challenged gents in suits and ladies in cocktail dresses.

Luckily for the Crystal Charity Ball Advisory Board get-together at 2013 CCB Chair Caren and Pete Kline’s marvelous Preston Hollow home, the 2022 beneficiaries reps like Agape Clinic’s Paul Hoffman, Baylor Oral Health Foundation’s Bob Bigham, Behind Every Door’s Will Dowell and Darrion Lewis, Educational First Steps’ Vickie Allen, Family Compass’ Ona Foster, Hope Supply Co.’s Barbara Johnson and Ami Cheek, United to Learn’s Abby Williams and Megan Hughet, Southwestern Medical Foundation for the benefit of UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Sharon Neal and the CCB 70th Anniversary Project benefiting Children’s Health-led pediatric mental health initiative’s Children’s Medical Center Foundation’s Laran O’Neil and Carol Bieler,  plus CCB advisory board members like Bonnie HardingRichard EisemanCurt FarmerDavid Rosenberg and Katie Robbins, had their choice of AC interiors or outdoor breezes in the grounds. Needless to say, the majority of the guests opted for the indoors due to the outside humidity.

As guests arrived, Event Chair Brooke Shelby was happily distributing name tags. She admitted that she enjoyed the task since she got a first-hand look at the looks of the night.

Vickie Allen was all smiles. In addition to her Educational First Steps being one of the 2022 beneficiaries, she had just gotten engaged to Felton Brown.

Thanks to 2022 CCB Chair Susan Farris’ remarks in the family room being brief, the guests immediately headed to the dining room, where Art2Catering had provided a delicious spread of edibles.

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